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Our toaster broke down…. but I managed not to (just). Even though I tend to start my day with a thick slice of organic spelt sourdough from the Daylesford Farm shop – smothered in one of the following: nut butter… actually that’s it. Just nut butter. I know there are probably healthier ways to start the day but at this time in my life this piece of nut-buttery-toast teamed with mug of hot coffee in my favourite broken Mickey Mouse cup (the handle recently fell off after 10 years) is what gets me out of bed in the morning…. and then straight back in to enjoy said breakfast.

The toaster was a gift given to us 4 years ago and it was very much on it’s last legs. It had come with a matching kettle which died pretty quickly. This was all before I started caring much about the items in our home, might I add… before zero waste was even known to me.

Anyhoo, it started glowing a scary bright orange one morning…. the sort of orange that looks like it belongs in the centre of the sun….or on an episode of TOWIE. It was time for it to go. I considered having it repaired but in all honesty I wanted to spend our money on a toaster that was designed to last a very long time instead of on one that would possibly glow a scary bright orange every year or so and need constant repairing. I also suspect it wasn’t designed to be repaired….

I took it to the “small electrical items” recycling bin around the corner and hoped that it would be given new life in some other form. Perhaps used for spare parts. It didn’t list toasters on their list of accepted items but it didn’t say they weren’t accepted either so I’m hoping for the best. It certainly fit the chute which bodes well.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 18.11.47

Instead of shopping online, we decided to pop to our nearest store and buy the best toaster we could find. And luck must have been on our side.

After a lot of deliberation we chose a Dualit toaster *. And here’s why:

  • It has been handmade in the U.K. (how novel is it not to find something made in China now?!)
  • It is designed to last a lifetime – I simply had to register the product online via their website.
  • And it has the name of the dude who made it on the bottom. Ours says “Liam”. Nice to meet you Liam.
  • My husband had these toasters at his school and he remembers that they stood the test of repeated use in dorm kitchens by heavy handed young boys. The ultimate test, indeed!
  • And it looks swanky


I also like that the mechanisms are manual, not computer operated. No crazy, new-fangled tech going on behind those toasting grills. Just a lever, operated by me and a turn dial operated by me…. I’m so talented….. I know…..






The packaging was also surprisingly minimal and consisted of no or hardly any plastic. I can’t remember but there may have been a small plastic covered wire around the cable but maybe not.


I think when living a zero waste lifestyle I sometimes feel guilty about bringing in more “stuff”. Sure, I could have used our grill in the oven to toast our bread, but after 3 failed attempts where I burned each piece and thus created more waste, I figured investing in a repairable, durable, made in the U.K. toaster that will hopefully last our lifetime was the most ecological answer. I have to remind myself that whilst our objects don’t define us it is important to place value into items that we use regularly and treasure so that we choose them wisely, look after them properly and appreciate the joy they bring. And toast brings me joy. Every. Morning. Mmmmmmmmm. Toast……

Dualit Repairable Toaster *



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