YouTube Video: Snapshot of Summer in Cornwall

As some of you many already know, my husband and I enjoy spending time in Cornwall. And you may find yourself wanting to go too after watching my latest video! I also visited Naturalmat to take a tour of their organic mattress factory in Devon and learned all about why this company is so special. You can read that behind-the-scenes blog post right here!  

What Goes Into An Organic Mattress?

A few months ago, I was invited (along with several other bloggers and a sleep expert) to Topsham, in Devon by Naturalmat for their breakfast in bed event. I was delighted as breakfast and bed are two of my favourite things! I’m actually in bed right now as I write this blog post as a matter of fact. Naturalmat is a UK based organic mattress and bedding company and I first came across them last year when I was searching for a natural camp bed to sleep on for our weekend at the Wilderness Festival. I found their roll up camp bed… View Post

REVIEW: New Yard Restaurant

Cornwall has become a very special place for myself and my husband. It’s somewhere he spent many a child-hood summer and a place I have been lucky enough to discover in recent years. Whenever the city lights of London get too bright, we often find ourselves retreating to a little corner of South Cornwall. We also love discovering new places to eat whilst we’re visiting. We’re foodies. And I’m a provenance snob… enthusiast? Whatever. I like to know where my food has come from and want it to be as natural as possible. And, Cornwall has a lot to offer,… View Post

Latest Faves!

I really enjoy watching “faves” videos on YouTube. An odd choice for someone who isn’t that into “stuff”. Maybe it’s like window shopping or browsing where I can be curious but feel satisfied just by looking. Who knows?! So I decided to share some of my current faves in my latest YouTube video. It may be a first for some of the featured items to even get a mention in a favourites selection. Fermented gherkins anyone? I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before Zoella and the like discover how awesome they are! So, I’ve shared some things I’m… View Post

Autumn Looks Good

  (This post contains affiliate links, including the pictures. As always, I only feature items, products and brands that I genuinely love and if you click on them I may receive a small fee which means I can keep geeking around on here and on YouTube and spend less time scouting the pavement outside for lucky pennies.)  There’s a nip in the air! And the smell of wood smoke! Leaves have hit the ground and there’s a soft dappled sunlight that is simply magical. Conkers are rolling around just waiting for a health and safety case against them….Man, I love… View Post