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It’s September! And last week was Zero Waste Week which I was sadly away for… on holiday…. in Crete… so I wasn’t all that sad to be honest. But still, it’s something I’ve very passionate about so I did my best to stay in the loop via social whilst pool-side.

So here are my two latest zero waste themed videos on YouTube. First up, Zero Waste Side Effects. These are changes I’ve noticed since going zero waste:


And seeing as this year’s Zero Waste Week theme was “Use It Up”, I decided to share some of the things I do to reduce the amount of food waste in our home:


It was great to see so many people involved this year and I’m definitely noticing more activity on social around zero waste, so hooray! But the fun isn’t over. It’s also Organic September this month and I’m hoping to upload a variety of videos around the organic theme so keep an eye out on the ECO BOOST YouTube channel… subscribe if you don’t wanna miss a thing!

I also want to announce that I recently became an ambassador for the Soil Association which I’m so delighted about. I have followed them for a long time and believe they have really raised the standard of organic farming. I too, very passionately believe that by looking after our soils and not depleting them of nutrients, we can grow more nourishing foods, protect our environment and reduce carbon emissions. Check out my ambassador page right here:



Kate Arnell new ambassador for the Soil Association

That’s all for now folks. I have several blog posts coming up soon, so sign up if you haven’t already. The holidays are over and I have got some serious blogging/vlogging to catch up on. Thanks for sticking with me!




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