YouTube: Meet Yasmeen – The Owner Of The Dry Goods Store

I was lucky enough to sit down with and geek out at Yasmeen who owns one of my favourite places to do a spot of  grocery shopping without packaging in London. The Dry Goods Store has a great selection of mostly organic produce. Bulk bins are filled with grains, nuts, seeds, pulses, flours, dried fruits and so much more. Seasonal vegetables from a biodynamic farm line the shelves and you can also find other essential items. Bamboo toothbrush? The Dry Goods Store had it. Olive oil? Yep, you can buy that in bulk too.

If you ever find yourself in Maida Vale (go there, it’s super pretty) then stop in and say “hi” to Yasmeen. Heck, stay and have a coffee and do a bit of zero waste shopping whilst you’re there too…. You’ll never want to leave!



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