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As part of Organic September, the Soil Association asked if I would be up for making a video, sharing why I choose organic when it comes to fashion and homewares. As many of you know, I’m big into choosing organic food, organic beauty and organic fashion. I wanted to delve a little more into why choosing organic materials matters, and got the chance to interview some amazing people who have seen the benefits of choosing organic cotton first hand and who are driving change – and I wanted to share these with you!

So here’s how it all started and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Enjoy!



Here’s a little sustainable style guide directory for ya:


With thanks to:

Peter Melchett – Policy Director @ Soil Association

Safia Minney MBE, Founder, People Tree
Thanks to Safia Minney for permission to use footage (by Miki Alcalde) of organic cotton farmer in India. Original source:

William Lana – Co-founder @ Greenfibres

Alden Wicker – Founder of Ecocult & Freelance JournalistEcocult

Cora Hilts – Co-founder @ Reve En Vert

Karen Maurice – N4 Mummy Blog

Mark Tremlett – Co-founder @ Naturalmat

Sarah Ditty – Head of Policy @ Fashion Revolution

Alan Barraclough – Textile Project Manager @ New Lanark Mill

Dominika Mayerová – PR & Creative Co-ordinator @ People Tree *


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natural cotton vector created by

Stock images from

footage of Thai farmer spraying young green rice field used under license from


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