Living LAGOM – the story so far



Two-hundred-and-fifty of them. And that’s just the start of it. Being a zero waster, I didn’t think “living LAGOM” as part of Ikea’s sustainability project  would do much to improve my day-to-day approach to conscious living, but how wrong I was.


Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that, as a group, us “Lagomers” are able to inspire each other with nifty ideas, share ideas and generally keep each other in check via our dedicated Facebook page. And it’s clear to see that each and every varied approach to this project has had a positive impact on us all; be it economical, ecological or (in most cases) both!



So what’s new?


Well let’s see.


As well as inviting a bunch of worms to live on our balcony and eat some of our food waste, I have started making my own sourdough bread using Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s recipe which is actually easier than writing his name – it includes making your own sourdough starter from scratch too which is why I settled on this one. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 18.28.01


I’ve upped my kombucha production to three whole jars and I’ve planted a variety of seeds in the many garden pots I chose from Ikea. I have ordered some organic lavender to put in the GRÄSLÖK which is yet to arrive and will hopefully encourage a few passing bees to stop by. Most of last summer was spent battling one very territorial wasp on our balcony…. He won.

Now I guess the big question is, have any of my chosen Ikea products encouraged me to be more mindful and live more sustainably?

I believe so. Not all. But most.


porridge oats bought sans packaging ready to be stored in one of the KORKEN jars which are also a great size for spaghetti!

The KORKEN jars have been a success. I sometimes think of the canning jar as THE item associated with a zero waste lifestyle and with good reason. I use them to store homemade chicken stock, make kombucha and now store my bulk spaghetti which I buy from The Dry Goods Store. It’s hard to find jars that tall, but trusty ol’ Ikea came up good on this. 

I couldn’t find any organic seeds at Ikea so I ordered some from The Organic Gardening Catalogue (the same place I ordered my worms, compost and lavender plants). I decided to start with a few basic seeds so I chose red onions, spring onions and chard. I nestled them into the SOCKER and INGEFÄRA plant pots and upcycled some old wooden toothbrush handles to label them. The watering cans have done a great job at collecting rain water too.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 18.30.47


The RAJTAN spice jars are in use but upon refelction weren’t really needed as I have so many small jars I could easily repurpose. One of the plastic lids broke on first use and I’m not sure how long the other lids will last.


My favourite item has to be the APTITLIG bamboo chopping board. It rocks! For such a small kitchen with limited surfaces, the large chopping board seems to make the surface feel a heck of a lot bigger. I knead my dough on it. I chop veggies. Slice bread. It has made prepping meals a joy. My only request is that Ikea stop wrapping them all in plastic.


Two weeks ago, I finally assembled the ÄPPLARÖ garden bench which was surprisingly quick and painless to put together. The only issue was finding that the four tiny plastic nubs that were supposed to fit the holes in the lid to stop it sliding off…. didn’t fit. Also, I think wooden ones would have been better seeing as the other nubs provided were wood. In the end I improvised and used some of my husband’s wax ear plugs to fit into the holes. And they’re working a treat so far! Now if that isn’t “lagom”, I don’t know what is….


The HUTTEN wine rack remains untouched…. seriously, what was I thinking?




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