Homemade Organic Mince Pies | Mum’s Recipe



‘tis the season for making mince pies! So I thought I’d share my mother’s recipe which I refer to every year. She originally sent it to me using oz measurements so I’ve attempted to translate to the nearest round number in grams. Basically, if it’s too crumbly add a little extra milk or water and if it’s too sticky, add a touch more flour. You know me, go with the flow!

Where possible, I always use organic ingredients, bought either without packaging or the most minimal packaging possible.

Makes approx 12-18 mince pies.

Note from Mum: You’ll need to liberally spread butter on even the muffin tins and when out of oven, leave to cool and contract a little for 2 mins before emptying them onto a cooling rack.


Ingredients for Mum’s special pastry:

8 oz (approx 230g) organic flour (self raising) – can be wholemeal or white. Up to you!

4-5 oz (approx 140g) organic butter

1 organic egg yolk

1 tablespoon organic caster sugar (or regular organic sugar will do)

A little organic milk


Anything else?

A jar of organic mincemeat OR make your own 6 months in advance (I’m planning on doing this in Summer!)

I bought this one by Meridian and also one by Daylesford to try – both come in a glass jar and are organic.



Pre-heat the oven to a medium temperature. Let’s say around 180 degrees celcius.

In a bowl, rub together the butter and flour using fingers until it turns into a bread crumb texture. Add the caster sugar. Add egg yolk and mix – add a little milk until all stuck together but NOT REALLY STICKY – you’ll need to add a bit more flour if it gets too wet.

Then just roll about half the amount on a well-floured surface and use a pastry cutter or mug to cut out the shape for bases of the pies – if it keeps breaking just reassemble and roll again.

Put in approx heaped – ish teaspoon of mincemeat. Wet the edges of pastry bases and add the lids (cut from othe half of pastry mix). Seal by pressing with a fork, dab/brush with milk or egg/ milk and sprinkle with caster sugar if you wish. Bake moderately hot/medium oven approx 10-15 mins – check to make sure they are a pale golden colour. They freeze well and reheat well.

And there you have it folks! Mamma Edmondson’s mince pie recipe. Enjoy!



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