Fashion Revolution Haulternative

Howdy! I’ve been listening to a lot of country radio this week through some amazing new speakers that EcoHabitude sent me*, so apologies if I slip into a southern drawl now and then.  The speakers are by Otis and Eleanor and they’re genuinely awesome and designed consciously too. But I’ll write about them in another post and you’ll see them in a YouTube video real soon.

So, have you noticed people turning their clothes inside out this week? Coincidence, it isn’t. People are doing this deliberately btw – it’s not the result of getting dressed in a poorly lit room before rushing out the door. This inside-out movement is actually for Fashion Revolution Week (last year it was just a day) and they are encouraging everyone to ask brands “who made my clothes?” to highlight the enormous amount of unethical, unsustainable and pollutive practices that continue to occur in garment production. Go on, give it a go. Take a pic and ask the brand you’re wearing (inside out), who the fudge made my fudging clothes? (feel free to put it in your own words). And whilst you’re at it, watch The True Cost movie on Netflix if you haven’t already. It sums up all the issues in one go.

I made a #haulternative video on shopping second hand at Deuxième if you wanna see just how awesome consignment stores are.


Kate Arnell in organic cotton tee by Deborah Campbell Atelier.

You can get 10% off this Bee The Change Tee* all this week with the code BEE16 too. It’s made ethically and from organic cotton and is by UK based designer Deborah Campbell Atelier. The top in the video is also by her and is made from recycled plastic water bottles*.

Since adopting a more zero waste lifestyle, I find I don’t go clothes shopping much (ironically I have just bought two tops and a pair of pyjama bottoms this week but that isn’t the norm, I promise!). It used to be a bit of a past time. Now, as I try to only choose second hand items or conscious/ethical brands, I do most of it online and far less than ever before. It’s kinda nice. Oddly freeing. I notice the clouds, the birds and people walking their dogs when strolling down my local high street instead of what’s in the shop windows. Although it’s great to see Eileen Fisher and Muji advertising that they use organic cotton which I’ve spotted lately. This doesn’t mean I don’t browse though too…. let’s call it research. I mean, I have to know what’s out there if I’m gonna blog about this sorta thing right? And have you seen Reformation’s latest pieces? It’s probably best they’re not available in the U.K…yet.

But remember, in the words of Vivienne Westwood, “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.”

Amen to that.



*I was given this item for free





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