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The lovely lot at EcoHabitude asked me to pin my favourite things from their ethical and eco-friendly online market place to a guest Pinterest board and I was delighted to do so! “Wait, so, you guys want me to spend time browsing everything on your beautiful site? And choose my favourites? Guilt free?”  That’s a “hell yes!”.

As a bonus they sent me a selection of my chosen items to try out and review as well as feature them in a YouTube video on the eco boost YouTube channel. So here are the items that arrived at my door:

(I received all of these items for free)



These babies haven’t left my side since they arrived. I love Country Music which is still pretty niche here in the U.K. I’m normally limited to listening to country radio via an app through headphones on my iPhone but no more my friends, no more. I can now dance freely to Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and Miranda Lambert without any wires attached thanks to these Otis & Eleanor portable bluetooth ‘Bongo’ speakers. The sound is awesome and aren’t they just beautiful? I mean, really beautiful.


Made from bamboo with hemp speaker grills, these ‘Bongo’ speakers have been on my wish list ever since I spotted them about a year ago. So when sent me them to try out, I was over-the-moon!

They are super easy to set up and synced with my phone via bluetooth in seconds. The speakers also come with a handy hemp carry case so you can bring them everywhere. Which is kinda the inspiration behind Otis & Eleanor – they’re big into travel. Wherever you go; New York, London, L.A., Paris or simply just to the bathroom, you can bring your life theme tune with you.

Working with small factories in China who pay their workers a fair wage (often double the standard wage), those tunes pumping out of those grills just started sounding a little sweeter.

These ‘Bongo’ speakers (they come in a variety of colours btw) have been in use daily. I wake up and turn them on. I cook with them playing in the background and I feel connected to the music I love again. They make me happy.

The battery also seems to last an incredibly long time before needing to be charged and I can monitor how much juice there is left via my phone.

I may also have my eye on their bamboo headphones. How cute are they?!



So I chose this because I have enjoyed using colloidal silver water in the past, usually if I’ve had a tickle of a sore throat. But this spray is designed to help disinfect surfaces, namely yoga mats (hence the name, Mat Mist).  They have a variety of sprays, such as Thyme Douglas Fir or Sandalwood Lavender Geranium. How amazing do those sound?

mat mist 2
I don’t do yoga or have a mat so instead I have used the spray to clean my phone screen from time to time or freshen up the seat of a rented city bike. I also tried spraying it on the underarms of t-shirts that could just about get away with one more wear before going in the wash – and yep, it seems to remove any light odour that may be lingering. I also used it to spray the inside of my grocery shopping bags too.




Working from home is great and all but a girl has to get out and see the world from time to time. And this cork satchel has made carting my laptop around a dream. It somehow makes it feel lighter but I’m not quite sure how!


Made in Bali, Indonesia (by workers who are paid a fair wage) from sustainable cork, organic cotton, tencel and reclaimed teak, this ‘Cor Courage’ bag is actually a really refreshing alternative to leather that isn’t made from plastic. In fact you won’t find any plastic on any of their designs (they also make beautiful clutch bags, laptop and phone sleeves and even a cork yoga mat bag!).

I wear leather. I’m not vegan. But it irks me that so often the leather alternatives out there are synthetic and toxic. So discovering Ono Creations was genuinely thrilling! First up, it feels lovely and it is clearly beautifully made with attention to detail.


Then, there are copious pockets both inside and out which are so useful. And an adjustable strap which means it can be worn across the body or over the shoulder.

It’s also sturdy. It can handle my laptop, several notebooks, an external hard-drive, a reusable water bottle and my Keep Cup coffee cup as well as a various nik-nacks (headphones, wallet, pens, a snack)…. I have yet to try it out with my brick collection….

The cork satchel looks visually striking and I’ve had a lot of compliments from friends whenever they see it. I think most are simply so impressed that it’s made from cork! It’s beautiful, I love it and I’ve used it a lot!



I woke up one morning a few months ago, with an overwhelming urge to get some stacking rings. I was seriously lacking these in my life and feel they are one of the few pieces of jewellery I really enjoy wearing. Necklaces sit a little strangely around my neck and earrings can be tricky with short hair. Rings, though, are my thing.


SteamyLab is based in Italy where she hand makes beautiful pieces of jewellery, using natural materials. I was sent three beautiful stacking rings which I absolutely love and have been wearing almost everyday. The most eye catching is probably the Herkimer Diamond sterling silver ring but then again I think they’re all pretty special. The rough quartz stone is set on a silver ring and would also be appropriate as an engagement ring!


I also chose a very simple hammered sterling silver stacking ring which is something I had been looking for. Tricky to find a really good one, but this was exactly what I was after. Wear it stacked up with other rings, or rolling solo.

The third ring I selected was this geometric triangle sterling silver one. Edgy, different and modern, I really love this ring. They also work really well with some of my Pamela Love and Odette rings. I love it when things go together without even trying.



COSSAC are doing an awesome job at making eco hot! A U.K. based brand who have a carefully curated collection of wearable yet on-trend pieces, including organic cotton t-shirts,  sweaters with badass slogans, tencel jumpsuits and dresses.

I like COSSAC a lot. I chose their cut-out, cropped tencel top as it’s very much my style but different to anything I currently own and I’ve mostly been wearing it with a floral print midi skirt by Beautiful Soul London. The cut out top also looks cool with boyfriend jeans or a cute flared skirt…heck even shorts would work well! This top is deceptively wearable!


Cossac aim to create a minimal and sleek collection each season which incorporates current trends whilst remaining timeless. And they have pulled it off perfectly! Sustainability is at their core, from production to design whilst keeping things stylish and effortlessly cool.


Thankfully the weather here in London is finally starting to heat up, so I can wear it a bit more. It snowed here a few weeks ago (April?!?), so my chances so far have been few and far between. It has a zip-up back and I can even wear a bra underneath which I didn’t think would be possible with the cut outs. Bonus!



I usually buy a bar of Dr Bronner’s Castile Soap but I have been using the Buck Naked Soap Company Coffee Start Up soap bar for a week now and my skin feels really soft and smooth. After a seemingly long winter, my legs were in desperate need of some exfoliation and this bar was just the ticket!

It smells great (I love the smell of coffee!) and arrived in minimal + recyclable packaging –  a simple card band around the the soap bar.

buck naked collage

The Buck Naked Soap Company makes hand crafted, cold-pressed soaps in small batches using all natural ingredients. They’re all suitable for vegans and only use certified sustainably sourced palm oil.  They also make luxury bath products including bath bombs, lotions and bath salts and quite frankly, they all sound heavenly! Donating 1% of their profits to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), you can feel extra good about smelling good.



Any conscious consumer who has tried to find a decent bra that you actually want people to see whilst ticking some eco credentials is almost impossible. Add to that the fact that I have a very small back size, most bras – eco or not- are usually not a great fit. Also, eco-bras don’t tend to have hook and eye back clasp. Something I prefer. No over-the-head nonsense, thank you very much!



But then I discovered Les Lunes on EcoHabitude, a Parisian inspired lingerie brand based in San Francisco who make bras, pants, vests and lounge wear that you’ll be proud to be seen in.

I chose the George V balconnet, wireless bra in xs and it fits perfectly! It’s designed with adjustable straps and a back clasp fastener (hooray!) and is made ethically and sustainably from bamboo with lace trim.


Also, it’s really pretty! The lace trim just adds a touch of elegance and looks great peeping out from under a top. Les Lunes were also kind enough to surprise me with a matching pair of knickers and a vest, both of which I have also worn a lot. All the pieces are super soft and comfortable whilst looking très chic. I’m rarely without a vest unless it’s above 36 degrees C outside. It’s a comfort thing. So I was, of course, delighted!



The fun design on the Faucet Face reusable glass bottles was what caught my eye first! I have quite a few water bottles at home but I couldn’t resist one more…. Especially when they look this cool! With designs such as ‘hose water’ and ‘tap is terrific’, they are a great reminder to quit buying bottled water, especially when it comes in plastic, and instead just fill up from the tap when on the go.


The lids are made from BPA-free plastic and they work with the clean drinking water charity Third Millennium Awakening (TMA), donating a portion of their sales.

Whilst I find a stainless steel bottle a little lighter to carry when marching around London,  I really enjoy drinking from my Faucet Face glass bottle at home. It’s a nice way to see just how much water I am drinking throughout the day as I’m usually pretty bad at getting enough water.

I chose the ‘hose water’ design and I really like it!



Thanks to for sending through all these incredible eco alternatives to everyday items. They are an amazing online market place selling everything from fashion, gifts and accessories to lifestyle items, gadgets and more, all with eco credentials, whether it’s something to suit a zero waste lifestyle, an organic piece of clothing, ethically made gifts etc. They ship worldwide too!

To see all the items I pinned (and there are quite a few!) check out my guest Pinterest board on EcoHabitude’s profile.

Read a little interview I did over on their blog

And they answered a few questions for eco boost, which you can read right here!

Finally, if you want to see the pieces mentioned above in action, then watch my YouTube video: Everyday Eco with EcoHabitude



I was gifted these items for free from

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