DIY Zero Waste Dishwasher Powder That Actually Works!

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I feel like I’ve finally hit that sweet spot of zero waste living. More bulk offerings are cropping up around London (I even found organic dried pasta sold loose this week!) meaning it’s easier to find things without packaging,  I’ve reduced our waste down to a few food scraps and I have FINALLY MANAGED TO MAKE A DIY DISHWASHER POWDER THAT ACTUALLY WORKS FOR ONCE! (insert godly music)

You know the struggle has been real if you’ve followed this blog or my YouTube channel for any length of time. I couldn’t find any dishwasher tablets, especially eco friendlier ones that didn’t come wrapped in plastic. Homemade dishwasher tablets were a massive fail as finding washing soda/soda crystals anywhere without plastic is pretty tricky here in the UK. No Arm & Hammer Washing Soda in a box for us!

I had attempted to make my own washing soda by heating bicarbonate of soda in the oven for several hours which that trusty ol’ source, the internet says can be done… I’m not entirely sure what I had at the end of it. Was it actually washing soda? The results were crumbly home made tablets that left everything coated in a white film and not very clean. More recently I had settled on using a large bulk bottle of Faith In Nature Dishwasher Gel… which works but still comes in plastic. Have I bored you enough yet?



But, recently, I found a soda crystals aka washing soda option that comes packaged in a cardboard box*  instead of a plastic bag, with a small metal spout that can be easily removed. Both parts can be recycled. I decided to give some DIY recipes another go, starting with DIY dishwasher detergent. And with it being Plastic Free July, what better time to start. Could this be third PFJ time lucky?

I ordered a couple of boxes of Soda Crystals by Ecodoo from* and followed up with an email requesting no plastic packaging to which they replied confirming there would be none.

The soda crystals arrived in a repurposed brown cardboard box with brown paper tape and inside they were wrapped with a compostable food waste bag made from potato starch. My mother-in-law uses these for her food waste collection so I set it to one side to take to her. Better than plastic, but would have preferred a brown paper bag. I’m not a fan of compostable starch bags. I’ll make sure I request that next time instead!


To make the dishwasher powder I mixed:

4 cups of soda crystals/washing soda * (some people use 2 cups of borax and 2 cups of washing soda instead)

1 cup of citric acid * (also available in a cardboard box with metal spout by Ecodoo * or most hardware shops sell it in a simple cardboard box by Dri Pak *)

1 cup of salt (I used sea salt that I bought from bulk but dishwasher salt is often just sold in a cardboard box and is the same as regular salt according to a tv show I watched recently)


Store in an air tight container such as a glass jar and sprinkle into the tablet chamber in the dishwasher when needed.


I also added vinegar to the rinse aid. I had let a couple of batches of homemade kombucha turn to vinegar, partly from laziness and partly because I wanted some home made vinegar. #winning

Straight from the dishwasher! No residue and squeaky clean.


The results were surprisingly good. I’ve used this about 7-8 times already and each time the plates, glasses, cutlery etc have come out looking squeaky clean. Only once did they have a slight white film, which I simply polished off with a dry tea towel to reveal very shiny surfaces underneath. Perhaps I forgot to add vinegar to the rinse aid that time. Who knows?


I’m considering attempting to make washing soda/soda crystals from bicarbonate of soda one last time, as I’d love to not have to order it online all the time. But at least there’s finally a plastic-free option out there!

I have also started making an effective DIY laundry powder. I’ll share that real soon!


NOTE: Please remember that everyone’s dishwasher and local water softness/hardness will be different so what has worked for me, may not work the same for you. Give it a go if you fancy and if it isn’t up to scratch, don’t give up! If there’s one thing I’ve learned with zero waste, it’s to keep exploring, keep experimenting and keep trying…. it’s worth it in the end.


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  1. Ella
    14th July 2017 / 12:50 pm

    Please tell me where you found the bulk organic pasta?! We eat a LOT of pasta and I haven’t found any that doesn’t come in plastic packaging yet. Thanks!

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