Deborah Campbell Atelier’s Summer Breeze Skirt 3 Ways

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I think there’s always an assumption that clothing that has been consciously created is tough to find on the high street. And you’d be right…. Mostly…


Lately though, I’ve been noticing a few promising signs that things are starting to go in the right direction. High street retailers are suddenly advertising that they use organic cotton or recycled materials. And whilst there is a long way to go and it is far from perfect, this glimmer of hope has got me excited!


Let’s just say I can’t help but release a little squeal of joy at the sheer notion that everyone (not just the eco enthusiasts), will have easier access to items that have a positive and more mindful approach to fashion, which as we know, is one of the most wasteful industries going. I think it says a lot about the current zeitgeist. More of us are hungry to know how our clothing is made, what impact it has and what story it tells.


And John Lewis seems to be taking this movement on board as part of their new Loved&Found collection * – which is currently championing conscious clothing and
selling exclusive pieces that are made using sustainable fabrics. Deborah Campbell Atelier, an eco boost fave, is one such brand that is part of their selection, with her Summer Breeze print now exclusive to John Lewis – a company where each employee is a considered a “Partner” who shares in the profits of the business.


I recently went to a talk with a panel of sustainability experts where Kate Fletcher, a lecturer at the London College of Fashion and Professor of Sustainabilty, Design and Fashion explained how the most sustainable pieces we own, no matter what they’re made of are the items we wear the most. And I tend to agree. Whilst I prefer natural, organic fibres sewn by workers who have been paid fairly under high standards, I must admit that if it then sits in the wardrobe, unworn – it is a waste. The more wear we get out of a piece of clothing, the more sustainable it is, which means versatility is key!


So with these two things in mind, I thought I’d have a try on session with the Summer Breeze skirt by Deborah Campbell Atelier * and show you my three favourite ways to style it.


The skirt material is made from plastic bottles – a great way of putting our plastic waste to good use! It has a fitted waist with an easy flare that kicks out just enough before resting at the knee… oh and it has pockets!!


With a love for art, Deborah Campbell Atelier has a great skill for turning the works of artists into beautiful prints for her collections. Summer Breeze has drawn on the work of Tabitha Wilson and it is truly stunning. As is the fabric which feels more like a luxurious satin silk than recycled plastic bottles!


OUTFIT #1 Skirt With White Shirt and Sydney Brown Loafers

With the scent of Spring in the air, daffodils popping up and longer days approaching, I decided to channel my inner English rose and pair the skirt with a classic white shirt made from organic cotton and some simple cork loafers. Bunch of dried lavender….optional.

I very much enjoyed the pocket detail on the skirt too… perfect for stashing my keys and phone inside! Trust me…pockets are the new handbag!


OUTFIT #2 Skirt With Navy Sweater and Heels

I’m a casual girl at heart, so if I wear heels, I like to wear something more relaxed on top. I also love skirts and jumpers as a combination – they just look so effortless. For this second look, I opted for a navy sweater * by People Tree * in organic brushed cotton and my favourite Sydney Brown cork heels.


OUTFIT #3 Skirt With Bee The Change Tee, Leather Jacket and Veja Sneakers


Skirts are too often saved for special occasions. I like to get the most out of the pieces in my wardrobe, so for an everyday, running-around-town look I’ve gone for a white slogan tee, leather jacket and my trusty Veja sneakers which are made from vegetable tanned leather, organic cotton and wild rubber.

This Bee The Change t-shirt is also one of Deborah Campbell Atelier’s marvellous creations and is made from organic cotton. Honestly, it feels so soft and the neckline is perfection!

How do you style your skirts? Let me know!


The Deborah Campbell Atelier Summer Breeze Collection is exclusive to Loved&Found at John Lewis online and can be found in store at John Lewis Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool.

Head to to discover her full collection.



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