A Day Out At Borough Market

I love a good farmers’ market and in London there are plenty to choose from. My local markets usually pop up at the weekend and offer plenty of fresh, seasonal and organic produce. But there is one farmers’ market that MUST be experienced by everyone at least once (although I know you’ll want to visit again and again); Borough Market.


Think of Borough Market as a sales pitch for farmers’ markets. It is an all-singing, all-dancing, circus act for the taste buds. I’ll warn you now, there will be crowds… a medley of local shoppers and tourists mostly, but it only adds to the buzz and makes you feel like you’re at a festival where the headlining acts are the finest foods around. And if there’s one thing you’ll want to bring with you, it’s your camera (or phone with camera… let’s keep with the times here people!). You’ll also want to bring your own shopper and a few cloth bags (keeping it zero waste, of course) as you’re bound to be tempted by something! Trust me.


I visted for the first time at the start of the summer and boy-oh-boy was I smitten within seconds. I managed to lose my fiancé on at least five occasions, as he darted off in any given direction exlaiming something akin to “oooh, what’s that over there?” and returning a few minutes later half way through devouring another tasty delight. There are cake stands (gluten-free options too!), organic produce everywhere (from meat, cheese, raw organic milk and ice cream to an array of seasonal fruits and vegetables) as well as oils (in glass bottles), package-free soaps and a hole host of eat-on-the-go hot food stands.










So “what were your personal highlights?” I hear you cry. Well…

I was surprised to find an organic salami – free from nitrates and preservatives and made from organically farmed pigs in Croatia to be the most delicious salami I’ve tasted… ever!

There is a lot of unpackaged produce which fits in nicely with my zero waste ethos. The organic ice cream was simply dreamy and the selection of gluten-free baked goods was a pleasant surprise.

And if you love organic coffee, then you’ll know that Monmouth is perhaps the greatest coffee London has to offer and is conveniently placed in the heart of Borough Market. Not to be missed, this is THE place to get your organic caffeine (or organic swiss water decaf) fix. The only place where coffee is taken to a whole new level of serious.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that a market of this scale would be a melting pot of trash left over from the crowds of foodies… but, like me, you think wrong. There are trash bins for food waste, paper, cans, plastic and glass. Nice work Borough Market!

Nearest tube: London Bridge

Website: http://boroughmarket.org.uk

Twitter: @boroughmarket


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