A Cosmic Print That Is Out Of This World

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The night sky has fascinated me since I was a little girl. I have crystal clear memories of standing under a star filled sky, at the age of 6 during one of our many camping trips throughout France. We were in a remote part of the countryside and, put simply, I was star struck. How could the sky hold so many millions of tiny lights?


Even now, after every sunset, I look for my old friend, the moon each night before bed. Which is perhaps why I’m so smitten with Deborah Campbell Atelier’s latest collection!


With a love of turning art into fashion, Deborah Campbell Atelier’s Rae of Light print is inspired by the artwork of Fiona Rae and features a cosmic dusting of stars.


The soft, silky fabric is actually made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. And as I’ve said before, as long as people are still drinking water from disposable plastic bottles, the more I’d rather see them being turned into an amazing piece of fashion, than ending up in our landfills and oceans.

Much like the gazillion stars in our solar system, each piece is unique, with variations on the placement of the print. It really is a beautiful piece and I loved wearing it with jeans, heels and a cream blazer.


With the Rae of Light top re-awakening my enthusiasm for the cosmos, I’ve curated a cosmic collection (below) for those nights when the clouds inevitably get in the way of our stargazing!


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(From Top Left Going Clockwise)

The Universe Within * – The Universe Within is a thrilling journey from today all the way back to the Big Bang, showing the deep connections between the human body and the universe.

Chinti & Parker Zodiac Sweaters * – a new astrology-inspired collection from Chinti & Parker. Each limited-edition 100% cashmere sweater comes in a unique colour chosen to reflect the characteristics of each star sign.

Tada & Toy Sterling Silver Star Earrings – made by ethical British jewellery designers ,Tada & Toy, using sterling silver.

Pamela Love Candle – held in a beautiful ceramic cup covered with a constellation design, I love the idea of reusing this once the candle has burned out.

Meteorite Dust Necklace * – this pendant contains meteorite dust from the Campo del Cielo meteorite which fell between 4000-5000 years ago in Argentina


Moon Dust Meteorite Necklace * – the vial contains a sample of genuine moon meteorite dust, which was was once part of the surface of the Moon!

Strange Invisible Zodiac Perfumes * – with a different signature scent for each sign of the zodiac, these unique perfumes are made using certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

Pamela Love Pentagram Bronze Ring  – made from recycled bronze, the circle symbolises eternity and the cycles of life and nature whilst the five star points indicates that the spirit, earth, air, water and fire are all connected.

Osei Duro Linter Dress – 100% silk dress with a print inspired by the night sky

Royal Observatory in Greenwich – enjoy one of their many inspiring exhibitions that are out of this world!

Deborah Campbell Atelier Notebook – made using the surplus fabric from the Rae of Light collection

Monk Oil – made on full moons, new moons and other auspicious days, this skin potion combines the cosmic cleansing and healing properties of Palo Santo. And how cute is the bottle?

From The Earth To The Moon by Jules Verne * – a true classic, written almost a century before the flights of the first astronauts.

Moon & Stars Threader Earrings * – I love the look of these moon and star 14kt gold earrings with cubic zirconia.

Goop Post – What Astrology Can Teach Us About 2016 and 2017 – I found this piece featuring Dr. Jennifer Freed, a psychological astrologist who has been practising for the past thirty years, on goop.com and it was such an interesting take on how recent events and the planetary alignments really can affect our decisions!  

Stargazing – get those binoculars out and lose yourself in the magic of the night sky. Check out this list of Britain’s Best Star Gazing Locations!

The Rae of Light top is available online at John Lewis * and deborahcampbellatelier.com where you will also find the full collection!



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