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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: versatility is key when it comes to sustainable clothing. Pieces that can be worn multiple ways means we need far fewer pieces, resulting in a more paired down, dare I say…minimalist wardrobe. I’m not necessarily talking about a capsule closet here guys, (an idea that personally makes me feel a bit “too organised”) but to paraphrase Kate Fletcher (Lecturer, Consultant, Design Activist and author of Sustainable Fashion & Textiles*) from a panel discussion I went to a few months ago about sustainable materials, there’s no point owning ethically made garments from organic/sustainable materials if they’re going to sit in your closet, unworn for most of the year! Better to invest in wearable pieces that can be dressed up, down, layered, tucked in, slipped underneath or even simply worn solo, time and again. And if those pieces can be found either second-hand or from a sustainable fashion brand then all the better!

View a list of sustainable fashion brands here!


People Tree* recently challenged me to take on their 5 Look Challenge which involves wearing 5 items, 5 different ways. I’m allowed to choose 3 items of clothing, 1 accessory and 1 pair of shoes. 3+1+1=5. Challenge accepted! Here are the pieces I selected:

(Clockwise from left)

From People Tree’s latest collection, made from 100% organic cotton. I love the pale almost stone colour blue and the functional design.
I love stripes and feel most confident when I’m wearing a breton top. Timeless, effortlessly chic and super versatile, perhaps the most sustainable item anyone could own. Perhaps…
This is from a previous season and it looks like the white one has sold out. It is available in pale blue which also looks lovely or in dark navy.
4. Kovered Sunglasses
I think they may have stopped making these, but there are loads of similar ones on Etsy * in case you were looking for a wooden pair!
I’ve had my eye on these for well over a year and finally decided to treat myself to a pair of vela sneakers a few months ago. No impulse purchasing here, folks! I love that they are made using wild rubber, organic cotton and low-chrome leather.

Look One


I’ve written before about how much I love jumpsuits and just how curiously versatile they really are! Determined to prove my point, I started out with an organic cotton jumpsuit from People Tree‘s latest collection for my first outfit. I decided to start simply and wear it with the veja sneakers and my Kovered wooden sunnies. Just before this photo was taken, the sun was out in all its glory but decided to dip behind some clouds the moment we started taking pictures.

Perfect outfit for a casual and comfortable warm Summer’s day.


Look Two

It gets a little chilly around here, even in the Summer months, and seeing as the sun had disappeared, I layered up with this super cute breton style top in organic cotton, again from People Tree’s latest collection*. It fitted really well underneath and looked great with the organic cotton jumpsuit.


Look 3

For my third outfit, I simply swapped up the layering and wore the breton top over the jumpsuit to give the impression I was wearing trousers and a top. Who would ever think I was actually wearing a jumpsuit? Told you jumpsuits were flipping versatile!

Look 4

I think this turned out to be one of my favourite looks, which is kinda surprising as I just through it together in a bit of a rush. I simply layered the breton top* over the organic cotton shirt dress* to create a preppy-look.


Look 5

Outfit number 5 took a lot of effort… ha! Just kidding! Simple organic cotton shirt dress* worn with veja sneakers and sunnies. I loosened the collar and rolled up the sleeves to make it look more casual.


Challenge complete! Honestly, I probably could’ve gone on to create more than 5 looks, but wasn’t sure how much longer my hubby could continue taking pictures. Let’s just say, it’s not one of his favourite ways of spending time together!

How versatile are the items in your wardrobe? Could you take on the #5LooksChallenge ?


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